Why we don’t want to be considered as vanlifers

Why we don’t want to be considered as vanlifers

It happens to be quiet a question which on the first sight can look as something prejudical for some groups. It is not. At all. So let me explain our point of view.

We don’t like labels

We don’t like to categorize. It is just a waste of time. Best things come out of mixing everything what’s good in different ways of living. Of course, then you can stand and say that you are an leading influencer in some very narrow niche of pizza-eating-halftime-vegan-backpacking-vanlifer. But what for? Do we really need those labels? I know that it’s easier for your friends and audience to understand what you are doing by connecting it with something well known. But we have a solution for that.

We are travelers

Just like that. We put ourselves in the very, very wide group. Honestly the first one that can fit all our main activities. I know that it is not precise. But it’s true and gives good idea of people who are in constant movement.

Why not vanlifers if we travel by van?

There are a few answers to this question. First of all we don’t really like to stick to one mean of transport for the whole time of our travels. We really would like to be on the move for a longer period of our lives. We started with a van, because for that time it looked like to be the best option of them all. But just after few weeks we realised that we cannot live like that for the longer time. Well, maybe some people can, but we don’t.

Second think is that vanlife is really a way of living not travelling. And it doesn’t perfectly stick to our expectations. We just travel using campervan. Without any ideology.

And it takes us to the last thing. Vanlifer world itself. Go to youtube or instagram and you’re gonna see people who are not really caring where they are. They sometimes show you nice places. But most of all you can watch them using some portable toilets, cooking some simple meals and washing in the rivers. And really, we don’t like to be those people on internet who are considered as ‘experts’ in portable toilet subject.

Here on the margin I have to say that vanlifers have this not very good reputation for being dirty and after some time we have to admit that it’s sometimes true. We have a shower and toilet in our car but most of the people don’t. So they go to bushes for toilet and wash in the river. It’s not bad, but when there is no river there is a problem. And in bushes they almost never dig holes. It’s just disguisting. Sorry.

Who are we?

As I said before. Just travellers. At this certain moment, when I’m writing this words I’m sitting in the flat on Sardinia. We came here by normal passenger car and a ferry, leaving our van in our home country. Do we really have to put a name on it? Maybe we are digital nomads? Sitting in one place for a month and working on computer fits to that. Maybe we are car-roadtripper-ferry-flatlifers? Who cares. We are just ourselves, and that’s the best thing to do.

Just be yourself

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