Why we decided to live vanlife

Why we decided to live vanlife

We’ve always loved travelling. Both of us. After we met each other we were traveling a lot. But that was during studies when we had really long holidays… Then we started to work full time, do many more or less important things and live a ‘normal life’. After some time we realised that we were not happy at all. Instead of that we were tired and didn’t know what to do with our lifes. We needed a change. Big change.

Vanlife wasn’t a very abstract idea for us. We liked it before but there had always been something that stopped us from thinking about it seriously.

We were afraid of:

  • being homeless 😉
  • loosing career
  • not having enough money
  • missing important events and meetings with friends
  • dissatisfaction with new life

And one day we thought that we couldn’t wait more for doing what we loved. After achieving goals set at the begining of ‘adult life’, after changing mindsets, after discovering our needs and dreams, after hours of discussions, we were ready. Ready to leave everything we had and go! 😉

What was so cool in it:

  • we can travel whenever and wherever we want (more or less :))
  • we can spend more time together
  • we can spend more time with our dogs
  • we don’t have to walk our dogs 3 times a day (in the same area)
  • we don’t have to sit in the office all day
  • we don’t have to pay bills
  • we don’t have to go to the gym to stay fit
  • we can move all the time (move our bodies and move our home)

Do we think that vanlife is always the answer? Of course not. Not for everyone. But for us – definitely yes. At least for some time. Then we’ll see 🙂

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