Why vegan food is the best for vanlifers

Why vegan food is the best for vanlifers

It’s not a post about vegan lifestyle. It’s a post about food in vanlife. FOOD is our big LOVE. We love to eat. A lot. And often. Really!

Regarding this fact, food is a very important part of our travels. And always was. Stocking, keeping, preparing, cooking, eating, washing dishes. When you want to travel full time you cannot rely on restaurants or local shops in city centers. You need to think about it a little bit more.

A few years ago when we were travelling only part time but wanted to stay somewhere for a longer time and not spend all money on food (most countries are more expensive than ours) we were taking some stock of food with us. It wasn’t perfect but at least we had something to eat.

Some time ago we became vegetarians and then vegans. And when we were cooking vegan meals at home we realized how perfect it could be to cook this kind of food in a camper! So easy to prepare and then to clean after that. When we compared food that we had taken with us on a trip few years earlier and the one we were cooking this time we just couldn’t believe. We found a way to take ‘travel food’ to a higher level. And to make life easier 😉 How it happens?

We don’t have a freezer, only a little fridge so we have very limited space to keep fresh products. We buy lots of vegetables and fruits which we can keep outside the fridge. Cans, jars and packed food we put in the boxes. We almost don’t have products that have to be refrigerated (like meat or cheese). So it’s easy to have reserves which allow us to prepare great food.

Another thing is preparing meals. Plant food usually is ready to eat without cooking or after 5 minutes of heating. More advanced dishes need 15-20 minutes. It’s maximum amount of time that we want to spend in the kitchen. We don’t have to be afraid of eating too raw food.

Last but not least. Washing dishes in cold water in a tiny sink isn’t the most pleasant thing you can do during travel. Also you usually need to save water so you try to use it as little as you can. You can imagine washing a plate after eating fat meat sauce and pulling cheese in these conditions – it’s one of the things you never want to try. So now think about a plate dirty with tomato sauce which becomes perfectly clean after a few seconds of washing with unbelievably small amount of water and (almost) no soap. To be honest, for me washing up is a horrible and sad duty but now it hurts less.

Oh, and at the end I can add that vegan food is really good for your health. It’s very important for us to stay fit and healthy. It was also one of many reasons for choosing vanlife. You already know that we love food and we can eat really a lot, so tasty and healthy vegan food is the answer.

The only fear we have now is that in other countries it’s harder to buy vegan products. In Poland they’re getting more and more getatable but we don’t know what to expect from different places. However we hope it won’t be a problem. We are creative people so we’ll make it!

We live in a campervan and everyday cook vegan food. It’s perfect. From time to time we will share some ideas here to show you what you can do by yourselves. We promise it’ll be easy to prepare and very tasty 😋

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