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We need home – short story of us homeless

We need home – short story of us homeless

We decided to move from our flat to a campervan. After that to move from a campervan to rented for a few days or weeks flat. Now we’re going to stay in one place for 4 weeks but we don’t have plans for later.

Decision about the first move wasn’t easy. However we really wanted to change something, change a place where we live. And of course we didn’t want to pay for a flat in which we don’t live. So it was the best thing to do.

We reduced number of our things but it was not enough. We still have too many things to travel just with a suitcase. And we don’t want to have less belongings. It turned out that we like having things!


At the beginning, without responsibility for a flat and all related topics, we felt freedom. We loved being in a campervan with limited number of things. No bonds. Everything was perfect. And we didn’t have to pay bills – the best feeling ever 😉

Time was passing. Car’s elements started to break down – like everything what you intensively use. Imperfections showed up. Therefore we felt tired. It turned out that it wasn’t a perfect solutions for us. However it was a very good start.


We started to dream about house. About a comfortable bathroom, big bed and a garden for us and our dogs. About big kitchen and own space for keeping stuff. You know, some kind of homesickness.

As a result, thoughts about stable life started to come to our minds. On the other hand we tried a stable live before and we knew that it didn’t work. So we just dreamed about our own home which we could leave very often and then come back to prepare for next trip. We asked ourselves two questions. Firstly, where should it be? For example what country or what region? Secondly, how much would it cost? Answers sounded: we don’t know (1) and too much (2). Therefore we had to postpone thinking about house.

Meanwhile we were lucky to be invited for one day to family house of our new friends. It was exactly in the moment of the biggest homesickness. And it helped us. We felt like at home for one day. Not like in our family houses… but much better! Amazing feeling! After that we could think about travelling again 🙂


We had to change our lifestyle. At least for a while. You can read more about the end of vanlife in other post. So we started to rent flats. I’ve always wanted to try changing flats each month to see how it is to live in different places. And see a lot without resigning from having a normal own space. Or rather only partially own. You know, I can live somewhere but I don’t have to think about bills or repairs becuase it’s not my responsibility. And I can move many times.

To be honest it was one of my biggest dreams when I was a child – to move, to change a house in which I lived, to change a town, to change people around me. At least once but the more times the better. During that time I had friends who had to do it and they couldn’t understand my need. But I’m the person who loves changes. Really. My life is full of changes. So new lifestyle, wich we decided for, sounded perfect. But not as perfect as I could imagine.

Need home anyway

The need of real own home is somewhere inside both of us. Nothing very precised or special. We’d like to just have a space to hide when we need it, to keep our belongings, to know that it is waiting for us. Also the place which would be made exactly how we like. During last months it turned out that we like when things are done really well. Consequently, we hate when something in a place where we stay for longer is not perfect, for instance some things don’t work properly or something is missing. We also have some needs like possibility to play a piano or make some repairs in the car. And you need exact space and conditions for these things.


We are sure that we wouldn’t feel this need so strongly if it would be another time. We expected to be able to travel for some time and stop when we would need it. But this year showed us that our plans and expectations don’t matter. World got crazy. We cannot plan anything for next weeks. Or visit places we would like to visit. We are not able to realize our ideas. In addition we are homeless. We don’t have place where we could go and wait for better times. This is worrying and forces us to a very big flexibility. Bigger than we thought we would need in any travel.

What now

Now we can only think about it and share with you our feelings. We can’t and we don’t want to make any decisions now. Above all, we need to learn how to live the life we have now. And we know it’s worth our appreciation. Because, for instance, in the moment when I’m writing this post, I’m sitting in a bright flat in Sardinia, peeking out the big window and seeing a stunning view of the sea, mountains and orange roofs of little houses. And I feel more free than whenever in my life.

In short, the time for our own home will come 😉

Have a good day!

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