Van conversion – the biggest difficulties

Van conversion – the biggest difficulties

Building a campervan can be real fun but not always. Sometimes you just feel tired. There are days when you want to stop the project and forget about it. At least that was in our case.

Hubert is a big fan of DIY, all types. Me (Aga) – not so much. The project was Hubert’s idea but eventually both of us wanted to convert our van and we did our best. Also both of us had bad days and moments of doubt.

Anyway, we shortlisted the most difficult and demotivating factors we met during van convertion. Here they are:

  • weather –> At the beginning it was hot (sometimes too hot) and sunny but most of the work we were doing during autumn and winter. Temperatures were low (even lower than 0°C) and very often it was windy and rainy. (I’m a chilly person so you can imagine this… I was dreaming about being a vanlifer from California :))
  • lack of our own garden and garage –> We live in a flat and we do not have our own place to carry out DIY projects. We had to find someplace for this one and we chose Hubert’s parents’ house. Building something for a long time on someone else’s territory can be annoying. So does too frequent contact with parents (or in-laws in my case) 😉
  • tiredness –> We were working full time so we could build the camper only during weekends and holidays. Sometimes after all week at work, when Saturday came, we wanted to stay on the couch. Especially if it was cold and/or rainy outside. Also after all weekend of hard work we were too exhausted to think about a further week at work.
  • long lasting project –> We like quick actions. And this project definitely wasn’t like that. Mentioned factors caused the whole thing to stretch over time and were lowering our motivation. We were not able to imagine the final step!
  • Accidents and failures –> From time to time, something was going wrong. Or something unexpected was happening. Then we had to repair it, change the project, find a solution, or do it once again.

As you can see converting a van wasn’t only nice and funny. Sometimes it was sooo hard. But despite this, it was worth all of that. Now when we sit in our beautiful camper we are truly amazed and we know that we can do whatever we want! 😉

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