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Travelling with dogs – as hard as they say?

Travelling with dogs – as hard as they say?

Is travelling with dogs very difficult? No. And yes. Actually it depends.

For sure you cannot visit with dogs all places you want to. You cannot stay in all hotels or travel everywhere. You have to go for walks a few times a day and take a big supply of dog food with you. But… there are many places which you can visit with your dog. Many restaurants, hotels, parks, etc. allow you to come with a pupil. You just need to choose an adequate place. Sometimes you have to give up on something but instead, you can find something much better! And you can have your doggy with you ❤

During our travels with dogs we learnt a few things that makes them easier:

  • if it’s possible, travel by car
  • remember about dog’s documents
  • visit a vet before the travel
  • always check if the place you want to visit allows dogs to enter (you can check it on the website or just call and ask – especially if your dog is huge)
  • take a good, comfortable dog harness and a muzzle
  • take some treats (they really help)
  • give your dog some time to acclimatize when you’re in a new place
  • give your dog some time to rest after visiting a new place
  • always have water for your dog with you
  • listen to your dog 🙂 if you see that they need something – try to ensure it
  • remember that for your dog (just like for you) travel can be both stressful and exciting and your role is to help them to stay calm

If you are interested in the topic of travelling with dogs or need an advice – just ask your questions!

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