The end of vanlife

The end of vanlife

To be honest, we’ve never wanted to be identified as vanlifers (you can read about it here). We want to be travellers. Just like that. We like travelling, visiting new places, meeting new people, gaining experiences. No matter what way we do it. Travelling in a campervan is just a way of doing what we like. But it’s not perfect. We write about it in the post ‘pros and cons of vanlife‘.

Living full time in a campervan can be annoying. There are people who love it and ones who couldn’t stand it. We are somewhere in the middle 🙂

You know when we made a decision about this change (if not – check it here). Actually we had been thinking about it earlier but we couldn’t see better options before. And this moment suddenly came.

We were tired of living in a campervan. We knew its capabilities and limits. We were in Italy where roads are tiny and cars drive fast. Wild camping is also illegal there. Autumn was beginning. Rain, lower temperatures, shorter days. And prices of renting flats in low season are not so high. At the same time our dogs stayed with parents and felt great there. And my dad bought a new car so he didn’t need his old one.

We though that it’s the best moment to switch cars and stay for some time in a rented flat somewhere on Italian coast. There was only one thing… We were already in Italy where we wanted to spend next month. And to switch cars we had to go to Poland. Quite long way. However, the worst was fact of new restrictions appearing each day due to covid. Numbers of cases were growing, countries were creating new limits and life could change from one day to another. So we were afraid of changing countries and spending too much time in random places because we could get stuck there with diffuculties in coming back to Italy. (Just to remind: we don’t have a flat in Poland so we cannot just go there if something’s happening in the world.)

We were sitting and thinking…

And we figured it out! It was Friday noon. During weekends governments don’t work. So next ‘red lists’ and limitations would be announced not earlier that on Monday morning. So we had 3 days of stable situation. We could do it! We decided to start a journey to Poland and be back in Italy before Monday noon. It was crazy. We were driving for all day and all night without breaks. In a meantime we organised some things by phone. On Saturday morning we took my dad’s car for a necessary annual car check. Then we empted campervan, hide some things in parents’ attic or garage, pack suitcases and boxes and put them to our new little car. It wasn’t easy to decide what to take and how to pack it! We spent almost all day on preparing things to the journey. Finally, in the middle of the night, we could go to sleep (on a coach in parents’ house ofc). On Sunday morning we woke up, ate breakfast and took cars. Campervan had to be transported to friends’ place where it could stay for some time. After that we could start a coming back trip to Italy. Again all day of drive and finally at 2 a.m. we could go to sleep in a hotel a few kilometers from a border. In Italy. On Monday noon we were again in a car, planning where to go next.

It doesn’t mean that vanlife is ended. It’s more like a break without any time limits. We will see what will happen and decide later on 🙂

We would love to come back to our mobile home in spring and travel to Scandinavia. It was our dream at the beginnig of building a campervan. But who knows how the world will look like in spring? 😉

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