Surprising Czech mountains

Surprising Czech mountains

Finally borders became open! And we didn’t know what to do because presidental election was planned for a week after. We decided to stay near our country to be sure that we could take part in this event.

So what to do when you really want to travel, you feel that you saw every interesting place in your country but you want to be here a week later?
In that situation we chose visiting Czech mountains. Czech Republic is a Polish neighbour but to be honest we never considered traveling there. OK, we visited Prague. But that’s all.

We decided to stay close to the border to be able to cross it in any moment. And there were mountains there. Not very high but sooo fantastic. They were a big suprise for us. We didn’t expect that we would like them so much. Why?

You need to know a few things about Czech mountains to be sure that you want to visit them.

First of all, north of Czech Republic is beautiful. Spacious views, green hills, little cottages, big forests, good and empty roads. We loved these landscapes!

The second, it’s clean. All areas are cleaned often. There are many trash bins. Also gardens are tidy, grass is cut and everything looks like a while after some services.

The third, it’s calm. And quiet. Not many people, not many cars. A perfect place to forget about cities and noises and just have holidays.

And it’s also safe there. Very often people don’t have fences near houses. There are also really few crime incidents there.

On trails and in touristic areas you can find many signs and interesting information so sighsting is very easy.

Last but not least. People are smiley and positive. They often speak English. And they’re helpful. So you don’t have to worry about asking anything.

For us also language was a good part of this travel because it’s similar to our native one. It sounds different so we couldn’t understand what people said but when we were reading something we could easily guess the meaning.

We spent only a few days in Czech mountains. We walked maaaany kilometres even though whether was not perfect. We took some photos which you can see in this post and visited places about which you can read here (if you stay till the end).

And we promised ourselves to come back to this area in the future 🙂
So… we highly recommend to visit this area! BUT before that, let’s check some places with us on the photos below:

Monastery in Dolni Hedec nad Kraliki

Views from the monastery’s area are just breathtaking. Even if you are not interested in sacral buildings for sure you can be amazed by landscapes you’ll see there.

Javornik Town and a castle Janski Vrch

Javornik is a little town near Czech – Polish border. There are some old buildings and impressive castle. Hubert even drew it after trip!

Vodospad sribrneho potokaWaterfalls of silver stream

If you like walking, you definitely should leave your car on the parking and go to see a beautiful waterfall. The road isn’t boring. You can meet for example a Water Carrier ‘Vodnicka’ 🙂

Horni Lipova train station

The station is located in a village Horni Lipova from wich you can go to a Forest Bar (below). It works as a station but you cannot buy there a ticket. Despite that you can do something else – visit the museum. Definitely worth being seen. It contains the history of railway on this area. Entrance is for free so you cannot find an excuse.

Interesting fact: this station played a role of Bily Potok station in a movie about Alois Nebel.

Lesny Bar – Forest Bar

That was the biggest surprise for us! Forest bar is a 100% self-service. It’s waiting for visitors everyday and offers cold and hot drinks, food and other attractions. You need to have some cash with you and pay in a place called ‘kasa’. On the road, which is available only for pedestrians and bikes, you can see woody sculptures, sit on benches and borrow nordic walking accesories to help you in hiking (yes, this is a trail in mountains so for sure you’ll get tired).

What other interesting things can you find in this area? Tell us or we’ll tell you after the next visit there! 😉

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