Short story about 3 beginnings of vanlife

Short story about 3 beginnings of vanlife

We’d been waiting for this day for almost a year. There were many things to do before changing our lifes. We were trying to do them as quickly as possible but all the time something was slowing us down. You know, it’s not so easy to change everything just like that!

One day we were almost sure we were ready. Only few things left in our flat. And almost everything was done. We decided to take all stuff to the car and set off the next day. But that day they announced lockdown in our country. So we had to stay at home. From the one side we were glad that we didn’t stuck in the middle of nowhere but we had no idea what to do. In an empty flat. Without a job. Without any belongings at home. Without any plan!
Of course smart people always can find something to do so we also found it but it wasn’t traveling and that was sad. We had to wait longer.

During that sad time we visited empty family plot where we could stay in the fields and do nothing. Still better than sitting in the flat. That time wasn’t useless. We made some car improvements, found problems and difficulties in our new home and then could prepare to the final trip much better.

After some time, when lockdown wasn’t so hard, we decided to get into the camper-van and just go somewhere. It was the first beginning.
We moved the rest of our belongings (still not all of them) to our parents’ attics and left our flat. Then we started the trip. We traveled to Bieszczady Mountains. It was a good time. Without internet. Amazing.

Several days later we came back to our town to repair some things that got broken and improve other important things. We had a long list of what to do to be able to travel.
This time we were richer with new experiences and we really wanted to come back on the road. So we did what we wanted and left again. It was our second beginning.

This time we traveled to Mazury. Lakes, forests and silence. Perfect. During that time we received two messeges. One – about changing procedures and possibility to travel in the country more comfortable. Second – about our flat. We had to come back to Warsaw to give the keys to the flat to it’s new tenants. So we did it. We used the return to improve the car again. And to do some other ‘very important things’.

And finally it happened! We could leave everything one more time. The last time. Third time lucky! We said ‘goodbye’ to our previous life and we began a new life. Vanlife.
Now we are traveling in Poland and waiting for borders opening.

You can find some photos and stories on Instagram and Facebook. And you can be with us during this journey 😉

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