Searching for things we haven’t seen in our favourite Polish city – Gdańsk

Searching for things we haven’t seen in our favourite Polish city – Gdańsk

Our favourite city

It’s not a big mystery that our favourite Polish city is Gdańsk. Located on the north, just by the sea, full of nice people, beautiful places and freedom.

For the past few years for almost all inside-country trips we were choosing Gdańsk. Partly because it’s a beautiful city and partly because we have friends there. Being such a big fans of that place we knew that we would go there on one or another point of our vanlife journey. And we did.

Drive through Poland

After we went south (we started in Warsaw) and reached Kraków, we didn’t have a good idea what to do next. We were a little bit too tired to go further south and explore some mountains. So we decided that we wanted to hit the road. On the Saturday evening instead of having nice time near the lake, we started driving. We drove for almost whole night. On the way we visited Piątek, which is (or was, because of new calculations) geometrical center of Poland. We reached Gdańsk and our favorite beach “Jelitkowo” just before sunrise (4 a.m.). We went to the beach and realized that it was…. crowded. Maybe not very but quite a lot of people were there. Walking, jogging, taking photos, etc. Now I should say that sunrise was beautiful, but it wasn’t. Clouds covered just everything, so we looked at the nicely colored sky and went to sleep.

House of Seitan

Next day was a big day. That’s because we planned to visit probably one of the most popular vegan restaurants in Poland – House of Seitan. We’ve been following them on social media for some time then, and really wanted to try out how they cook. We went there, and yes. You should too. I won’t describe style of food they serve, but it’s like a Polish cuisine in fancy version, mixed with colorful vegetables made vegan. And they have fast food menu too. But all of hot dogs and burgers are in “grandma” version with lots of everything inside and outside.

Meeting on Westerplatte

Later we went to Westerplatte, where we met our friend Tomasz, whom we know because of our other passion – old cars. He came in a very interesting Polish car – FSO Polonez in a funeral version called Bella. I won’t write more about Westerplatte here. If you want you can google it. It’s just a big part of Polish history.

Now is a good moment to inform you that it’s not a post about Gdańsk’s most popular or interesting places. It’s just about places we didn’t visit last 13 times we were there and we don’t know why.

Oliwa – old and amazing

So next was a district “Gdańsk Oliwa”. It’s old, interesting, has a very big park with a palace in the middle and other old buildings like water forge. And if you have time and will go up to the hills and valleys you’re gonna find out that it feels completely like in mountains. Very nice and relaxing place. Oh, and there’s a viewpoint with a tower there, from where you can see whole city. Totally recommend.

Playground in Park and Faloviec

We went to the “Przymorze” District to do two things. Have fun and eat. Or have fun and have fun, because eating in Gdańsk’s vegan places is a great experience. In the Ronald Reagan’s Park there is a very big swing. Even if you are a bigger child you can go there and feel some g-force. So it was about fun. Now to eating, but with a little bit of background. During the communist times in Poland, some very long blocks of flats were built in Gdańsk Przymorze. They were shaped like waves and named ‘Falowce’ – plural, ‘Falowiec’ – singular, which in translation would be ‘waver’. One of the wavers is very popular, because it’s the longest block of flats in whole Poland (860m). And just in front of it there is a vegan restaurant called Faloviec. Style is completely different than the one in House of Seitan, which I mentioned before, but it just makes it better that I don’t have to compare them. They have a lot of popular foods in vegan version like pastas, quesadillas, gyros and they taste really good.

Finally we left Gdańsk, but not a whole Trójmiasto (eng. 3city – combination of Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia), but it’s another story, which we’ll maybe write one day.

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