Royal water in Mazovia

Royal water in Mazovia

When we couldn’t travel far away and had to spend time near Warsaw, we realized that we didn’t know that area at all! So we got in our home-car and just drove.

First stop was in Czersk where there is a beautiful castle from the 15th century (I love old castles!) –> post about it 馃檪

The next stop was in Kozienice, less than 100 km from Warsaw. After a while we found a ready idea where to go. Here it is!

Path ‘Royal Sources’, or in Polish ‘Kr贸lewskie 殴r贸d艂a’, is located in Puszcza Kozienicka – a big forest near Kozienice. You can find there a beautfiul nature, wild animals (we saw a roe), dams built by beavers and at the end you can drink delicious cold water straight from the ‘royal source’.

Did you know that there was a narrow-gauge railway inside the forest in 20th century? It was created due to World War I needs. Now it doesn’t exist but old locomotive does 馃檪

The path is about 3 km long but if you need more you can leave your car on the parking located about 3.5 km from the start point. We did it and the walk was amazing!

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