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Reflections after 3 months on the road

Reflections after 3 months on the road

It’s been 3 months since we began our journey. During this time we learnt and discovered a lot of things. About world and about ourselves. Here we are sharing some kind of summarizing of our philosophical thoughts after first weeks of a new life ­čÖé

World is different than you think

We were learnt about world by our parents, then teachers and people we met. We had some pictures and rules in our minds and they were somehow similar to thoughts of our friends and families. Of course, we didn’t agree in everything, but main part of outlook was the same. We knew that there are people who think differently, but they’re just another social groups and we don’t have to think about them.

On the road we met some people, we saw some other people, we read about many people. We could see different lives, listen to different stories. And even if we still were in Europe, we realized how different attitude and view people can have. And it’s not that we didn’t know about all these things. But we didn’t understand it so deeply. We had to really leave everything and everyone to open for the new. And we started to see the new.

Nobody will tell you how to live

Nobody. You have to discover it by your own. When we are travelling, we are trying new things and looking for a new way of live. And we see that there is no one answer for a question ‘how to live?’. There are things which seemed to be so cool but when we tried them, we didn’t have fun. And some things about which we didn’t think before, became our favourite actvities.

We are learning that we can choose things that we would do. We don’t have to do what other people tell us. It’s not easy, really! People got used to do what they have to, not what they want to. And finding out what you really want is hard. We are discovering it all the time! Each day can bring something interesting in this topic ­čśë

We are travelers, not vanlifers

One day we’ll write a post about it (it’s already here). We don’t feel like vanlifers. Vanlife is not our main point in live. It’s a way which helps us doing what we love. And we love travelling. We already know that in a future we’ll want to change our travelling style. But now living in a van is the best option for us.

You need less than you think

People think that they need a lot of different things. We also thought so. After moving to a van and then travelling for a while, we saw that we really don’t need maaany things which we had or still have. We can use less of everything and it’s still enough. We focus more on places we visit than on things we use in these places. And it’s beautiful! Day after day we need less. Oh, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t want to have a nice classic car or a cool hat! We want to. But we’re more concious about what we really need and what we just would like to have. And why we want to have these things. If it can give us some pleasure or we only think so, because other people say so.

But it’s not only about belongings. It’s also about water or electricity. We save lot of them and we feel so good with it.

You can try

Just try. And you don’t have to be the best. Or even good. It’s very important especially for me (Aga), because sometimes I try to be perfect, and you know that it’s impossible. We learned that if we want to do something we can just start doing it, even if it’s bad at the beginning. But come on! It will be better! Everyone starts somewhere and it’s not a shame that you cannot do something. More important is that you try to do it. And thanks to that you can check if it’s something that you can like or not. And of yes – just do it. Skills and being good will come ­čÖé

We can be who we are

We started to learn and do things about which we’ve never thought. Or actually we thought about them but for many reasons we didn’t do them. Or we did them but we felt wrong. Or we did them and liked them but still we didn’t understand why another people don’t accept or like it. Now we are not afraid of saying that we like something and we want to do it. Or at least we want to try it!

Another thing is that we lost contact with some people we knew. Sometimes we feel bad about it. But we met other people. And we renew contact with some old friends. And it’s OK. I mean, it’s nice to stay in touch with all friends all the time, but we are different, we are changing, and sometimes it’s just impossible. So it’s better to open for people which life brings because it may be that it’ll be easier to be friends with them than with some old colleagues. Or may be not. So don’t worry. Just be yourself and finally you’ll find poeple for you.

And places. Because we don’t feel good everywhere. For example, I’ve never felt good in a country in wich I was born. I’ve always wanted to move somewhere else. For some reasons I didn’t try it before, but now it’s that moment. Both of us feel that our country is not a place made for us. And we see that in countries or cities we visit, we feel different. Sometimes better, sometimes worse. But we know that we can choose a proper place for us. At least for some time, becauseÔÇŽ

Everything is changing

We are changing, situation and conditions are changing. Even our dreams are changing. That’s why we don’t plan too much ­čÖé We stay open for what life will bring us and we try to live like we want or just like we can. This year, 2020, showed all of us that we need some more flexibility! And we learn it.

During last months we were discussing lots of subjects related to this topic. These ones came to me at the beginning when I started to write the post. We see that each day teaches us something so also changes us. We are very courious what we’ll think in next several months! ­čÖé

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