Super, że tu jesteś! Nie wiemy czego szukasz, ale wiemy, co możesz znaleźć. Na pewno będą to wpisy o tematyce okołopodróżniczej, trochę praktycznych informacji, a trochę subiektywnych opinii – coś do poczytania dla każdego. Sporo zdjęć z miejsc, które odwiedziliśmy – do oglądania. No i do słuchania – podcast, w którym rozmawiamy na tematy, które przykuły naszą uwagę i mamy nadzieję, że zainteresują także Ciebie.

Rozgość się, zajrzyj w różne zakamarki, a jeśli Ci się spodoba zaobserwuj nas w różnych kanałach i wracaj regularnie. Postaramy się zawsze mieć dla Ciebie coś nowego.

Aga i Hubert

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Poland in a nutshell

We are beginning our trip in Poland which is our home country. We’re planning to see little-known places and focus on nature. It’s our favourite style of travelling. Now, when sightseeing and visiting popular places is very limited, it sounds like a perfect way of spending time 🙂 Today we’d like to share with you some important or just interesting […]

Why we decided to live vanlife

We’ve always loved travelling. Both of us. After we met each other we were traveling a lot. But that was during studies when we had really long holidays… Then we started to work full time, do many more or less important things and live a ‘normal life’. After some time we realised that we were not happy at all. Instead […]

Van conversion – the biggest difficulties

Building a campervan can be real fun but not always. Sometimes you just feel tired. There are days when you want to stop the project and forget about it. At least that was in our case. Hubert is a big fan of DIY, all types. Me (Aga) – not so much. The project was Hubert’s idea but eventually both of […]

Van conversion – before & after

We did it. We bought a van. At the market. Really 🙂 The car had been used to transport vegetables by the greengrocer before. Inside it looked like that: First we had to make him empty: Later on we spend many, many, many hours on converting him. Now our new camper-van is ready to go! More photos already on the […]

Unusual start of our vanlife

Everything began during our short trip to Italy. Two of us, with two dogs. We stayed by lake Como. We had only several days there so we tried to use the best of it. And once, while sitting on the couch in a rented apartment, we realized that we don’t need anything more to be happy. Just our little family […]