Super, że tu jesteś! Nie wiemy czego szukasz, ale wiemy, co możesz znaleźć. Na pewno będą to wpisy o tematyce okołopodróżniczej, trochę praktycznych informacji, a trochę subiektywnych opinii – coś do poczytania dla każdego. Sporo zdjęć z miejsc, które odwiedziliśmy – do oglądania. No i do słuchania – podcast, w którym rozmawiamy na tematy, które przykuły naszą uwagę i mamy nadzieję, że zainteresują także Ciebie.

Rozgość się, zajrzyj w różne zakamarki, a jeśli Ci się spodoba zaobserwuj nas w różnych kanałach i wracaj regularnie. Postaramy się zawsze mieć dla Ciebie coś nowego.

Aga i Hubert

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How to prepare your car for a longer journey

No matter if you drive your car daily or have just started to prepare special roadtrip vehicle. Driving further without troubles and worries needs some preaparations. Maybe it won’t completely save you from bad adventures but can minimalise chances for those. So how to prepare your car for a longer journey? Preparing mechanical side of your car First of all […]

Pros and cons of vanlife

‘It’s everyone’s dream to live like that!’‘Living in a campervan? Are you crazy?!’‘Wow! Amazing! I want to do it too!’‘What’‘Really? Are serious? That’s fantastic.’‘I even don’t want to think about it.’ People reacted for our idea of vanlife in many different ways. People on Internet also had their own opinions. We didn’t want to listen to anyone. Just try. Because […]

The end of vanlife

To be honest, we’ve never wanted to be identified as vanlifers (you can read about it here). We want to be travellers. Just like that. We like travelling, visiting new places, meeting new people, gaining experiences. No matter what way we do it. Travelling in a campervan is just a way of doing what we like. But it’s not perfect. […]

Why we don’t want to be considered as vanlifers

It happens to be quiet a question which on the first sight can look as something prejudical for some groups. It is not. At all. So let me explain our point of view. We don’t like labels We don’t like to categorize. It is just a waste of time. Best things come out of mixing everything what’s good in different […]

Break from blogging, not travelling

Hello again! We haven’t been here for two months already! We were posting some photos on Facebook and Instagram (that’s why we recommend following us there ;)) but we didn’t share any longer post on the blog. Why? It’s a long story! 🙂 Last two months were full of actions and changes. I even don’t remember how my life looked […]

Reflections after 3 months on the road

It’s been 3 months since we began our journey. During this time we learnt and discovered a lot of things. About world and about ourselves. Here we are sharing some kind of summarizing of our philosophical thoughts after first weeks of a new life 🙂 World is different than you think We were learnt about world by our parents, then […]

6 things which surprised us in France

We’ve been in France for almost a month already. We were going through its northern part, from east to west. And we were observing life here. More and less popular places. Smaller and bigger shops. Little old towns and modern buildings. Ocean, rivers and fields. There were things which we liked and ones which we didn’t like at all. Some […]

Our van part 4: electricity, water system and windows

It’s quite obvious how electricity and water system work in normal house. Or maybe even not for everyone. But when you start thinking about them in terms of a home-car, it’s getting tricky. There are many solutions for this problem. We don’t know if we chose the best one but we can share with you how it works in our […]

Our van part 3: interior – functional spaces

Toilet & bathroom We are not dirty guys. We take a shower everyday. And we also use a toilet, not only bushes. We do all these things in a car. Our bathroom is located in the couch. So we only have to open it and there it is! Half of this space is a composting toilet. A second half – […]