Our van part 4: electricity, water system and windows

Our van part 4: electricity, water system and windows

It’s quite obvious how electricity and water system work in normal house. Or maybe even not for everyone. But when you start thinking about them in terms of a home-car, it’s getting tricky. There are many solutions for this problem. We don’t know if we chose the best one but we can share with you how it works in our campervan.


All electricity we have comes from solar panels (3x300w. We wrote about it in a first part of a series). In the ‘basement’ we have a kind of a power station with two leisure batteries (115Ah each), solar charger and fuse box. From there energy is distributed to every power appliance or outlet in the car.

We don’t use a lot of energy so it’s enough for us, especially in sunny days. But we need to remember about saving it during a rainy week. Wait, what rainy week? When we know about something like that we just move to another place 🙂

Water system

First of all, we keep water in ten 10l tanks. It’s enough to use water for some time but also tanks are light enough to carry them when needed. One tank with clean water and one additional tank dedicated to grey water stay near the kitchen and are linked by pipes with a sink. We have an electrical water pump which pumps the water up. When a tank with clean water is empty we change it for a full one. And when the one with dirty water is full we empty it in a proper place (e.g. official places for campers, public toilets etc.).

Very often people ask us about a dishwasher or a washing mashine. We don’t have them 🙂 We use our hands to wash the dishes. And we use laundries to wash our clothes.


We use windows 10, but everytime we travel near some green fields we both shout “LOOK, WINDOWS XP WALLPAPER” so we are taking a nostalgic look towards the old good XP.

We have two widnows in our car’s living compartment. Both are located on the roof. One is 40x40cm with the bulid in vent, which can pump the air in or out of the car. It’s really useful when we want to leave car on the parking and ventilate at the same time or when we cook or use the bathroom. It also have bulid in thermostate so we can ‘program’ it to turn on when it’s getting cold or hot inside. Very useful feature in the morning when the sun starts to shine onto our bed by the another window. It’s 50x50cm and it opens only partially. It also has bulit in mosqito net and sun shutter so we can enjoy fresh air without any bugs. And those two windows combined really gives quiet a lot of light and air.

Why we don’t have side windows? Well, we have few of them in the front of the car so if we want to see the world from inside we can just watch it by the big, panoramic windshield which is bigger than any camping window. And if we need not only light but also air we can open side door or rear door, or front windows. So we decided that we don’t need to cut more holes in our car and spend money on things that we propably don’t need. And after few months of travel we could say that we don’t need them at all 🙂


Do you have any questions about our campervan? 🙂

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