Our van part 3: interior – functional spaces

Our van part 3: interior – functional spaces

Toilet & bathroom

We are not dirty guys. We take a shower everyday. And we also use a toilet, not only bushes. We do all these things in a car. Our bathroom is located in the couch. So we only have to open it and there it is!

Half of this space is a composting toilet. A second half – a shower tray and a touristic shower bag. There is also a place for washing cosmetics and shower curtains (we use two of them – one only for shower and another one to hide whole toilet).


There is a kitchen area next to door. A wooden counter top with a little sink, a counter which doors can be also a little table, a fridge under all of these and a space in a part of big wardrobe (mentioned in a previous part of a series) where we keep fresh fruits and vegetables, bottles and drinking water. Above there’s a cupboard with snacks. We have a portable touristic gas stove wich we can use both in a car or outside – we love cooking surrounded by green fields.

When we cook inside a car we use unreplacable table:

Lagun Table

We found this table on the Internet. Many vanlifers use it and now we know why.

It is able to move and change positions however you want to. Up, down, right, left, turn around. As you wish. And when you stop to use it, you can just take it off and hide. A perfect solution in such a small place like campervan.

Basement / storage space

As mentioned before, we have a quite big space under the bed. We keep there water, boxes with food or shoes, bags or sport accesories. There are also some tools and household stuff. And of course stock of food for us and for our dogs.

Oh, I forgot! Piano and guitar have there their own spaces, too. And still there’s place for something else so whenever we want to put something somewhere but do not know where, we use this area 🙂


We have many curtains. Not only in a bathroom but also in a main part of a car. They are made from linen and can be taken off in any moment. So there is one big curtain which split a driver’s cabin from the living area. Another three which hide the basement from our eyes (one in the back and two in a living area). Next one is located behind a bed to hide it from people and dust from outside.

All these curtains were sewed by Hubert during his first ever contact with a sewing machine! Of course I was helping as much as I could but I’m still impressed.


Our interior wouldn’t be so practical without all accesorries like pockets, hangers or expanders. We were adding them in a meantime, after we moved to the car, because then we knew better what we needed. Probably we haven’t finished doing this as all the time we see some new options.

It’s not the end of the series about our camper van. The next one will be a little bit more technical as we’ll talk about electricity and water system in the moving home.

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