Unusual start of our vanlife

Unusual start of our vanlife

Everything began during our short trip to Italy. Two of us, with two dogs. We stayed by lake Como. We had only several days there so we tried to use the best of it. And once, while sitting on the couch in a rented apartment, we realized that we don’t need anything more to be happy. Just our little family traveling together.

After coming back home we started preparing to a new life. We bought a van, converted it to a camper, reduced the number of stuff we had, saved some money, quitted jobs and did lots of other things – less or more important for us.

We were almost ready to leave when… pandemic had come to our country. So we had to stay at home. And wait for better times.

Fortunately, after some time of lockdown, we were able to move again. Of course not like before. Only inside our country, almost only in the wild, keeping all safety rules. Maybe it wasn’t what we’d been dreaming of but still better than sitting at home. So we hit the road.

And that’s how our vanlife began 😉

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