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Helping – how exciting can it be?

Helping – how exciting can it be?

Sometimes you find a pleasure in little things. Sometimes you don’t even expect a pleasure you can find. That happened this time.

We’re chilling somewhere in Bieszczady Mountains (Poland). Evening coffee, gentle wind, sound of river. An elder man comes to our van with an issue. He needs help. He wanted to turn from the road by a little bridge but turned the steering wheel to early and the car hung above the ditch. So he wants us to pull him out.

Do you know a cartoon about ‘The Koala Brothers’? They live in Austialian interior and help other animals all the time. Helping is their job and hobby. They say that they’re here just to help! And sometimes we are like these koala brothers. When somebody needs help we can do everything. Just like a hobby. And we’re happy that we were chosen to be asked for help 🙂

So we pack all our camping staff and move to the place where a red minivan is hanging. Everyone has a task and finally we put the car on the road. At the end Hubert helps to repair a bumper. Everyone is happy. Elderly people because they can go home. We because we could help.

After this situation we are talking for a while about surroundings and popular in this area bear’s garlic. Thanks to that later we will get some leaves of the garlic and prepare the best salad ever. We’ll eat it with pretzels received from elderly woman (a bad driver’s wife). During this meal we’ll have smiles on faces and peace in minds. Because helping is so exciting!

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