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First time we got stuck & helping is good

First time we got stuck & helping is good

There are two facts that you should know about us. We like helping and we like offroading. How does it connect each other? Let me explain.

Our Van is quite capable when comes to driving through some off-road obstacles. A little bit of mud or sand is not a big deal for him. We fitted him with good all terrain tyres, and with traction control working a little bit like an automatic difflock he can take us quite far off the beaten path as long as we don’t stop in the middle of the sandy or muddy part.

That was how it happened this time. I drove into the sand in the second gear, and had to change into first, and well, we stopped. Rear right wheel started digging a big hole (traction control doesn’t work when we are not moving) and we got stuck. Van was lying on the rear axle and we probably were in a little bit of trouble.

But don’t worry. Even if we still didn’t get us a proper recovery gear like a recovery boards and hilift, we had old reliable shovel. I (Hubert) started digging, and Aga went to find some wood or rocks to put under the wheel. No panic.

Now it’s time to say something about helping. We wrote how we helped people in Bieszczady mountains, who got into trouble with their car. Now someone came to help us. As they said “karma returns”.  But  let start from the beginning.

We were trying to get the car out for some time, when a family of 3 noticed us. They were walking around for some time, then they came closer. Guy named Andrzej (as far as I remember) told me that he could help. He had a lot of offorad experience. We tried to push the car out, but since it weighs 2,6 tones it didn’t work. Then he thought that they could go for their another car (it was 20 mins away!). To pull us out. Propably they really like to help too, just like us.

Result was that with their help after 40 minutes we were free. And we really think that helping each other is a good thing, because we never know when we’ll need it.

As a Post Scriptum I’d like to add that 10 minutes before help arrived, some other travellers showed up. They also could help if something wouldn’t work out. Even if their help wasn’t needed after all they invited us to stay near them for the night and for some evening beer to celebrate moving out from a sandy trap. We spent very pleasant evening with them. Another nice people on the way 🙂

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