Pros and cons of vanlife

‘It’s everyone’s dream to live like that!’‘Living in a campervan? Are you crazy?!’‘Wow! Amazing! I want to do it too!’‘What’‘Really? Are serious? That’s fantastic.’‘I even don’t want to think about it.’ People reacted for our idea of vanlife in many different ways. People on Internet also had their own opinions. We didn’t want to listen to anyone. Just try. Because […]

The end of vanlife

To be honest, we’ve never wanted to be identified as vanlifers (you can read about it here). We want to be travellers. Just like that. We like travelling, visiting new places, meeting new people, gaining experiences. No matter what way we do it. Travelling in a campervan is just a way of doing what we like. But it’s not perfect. […]

Short story about 3 beginnings of vanlife

We’d been waiting for this day for almost a year. There were many things to do before changing our lifes. We were trying to do them as quickly as possible but all the time something was slowing us down. You know, it’s not so easy to change everything just like that! One day we were almost sure we were ready. […]

5 things that broke down during first week of vanlife

It couldn’t be so perfect. We began our journey and traveled to Polish mountains Bieszczady. We didn’t know what to expect but definitely not that! Almost everyday one thing got broken. After first few days we had a list of things to repair or change. Some of them weren’t very important but another seemed to be crucial. What got broken […]

Why vegan food is the best for vanlifers

It’s not a post about vegan lifestyle. It’s a post about food in vanlife. FOOD is our big LOVE. We love to eat. A lot. And often. Really! Regarding this fact, food is a very important part of our travels. And always was. Stocking, keeping, preparing, cooking, eating, washing dishes. When you want to travel full time you cannot rely […]

Why we decided to live vanlife

We’ve always loved travelling. Both of us. After we met each other we were traveling a lot. But that was during studies when we had really long holidays… Then we started to work full time, do many more or less important things and live a ‘normal life’. After some time we realised that we were not happy at all. Instead […]

Unusual start of our vanlife

Everything began during our short trip to Italy. Two of us, with two dogs. We stayed by lake Como. We had only several days there so we tried to use the best of it. And once, while sitting on the couch in a rented apartment, we realized that we don’t need anything more to be happy. Just our little family […]