Banana dessert

It’s our favourite dessert ever! To prepare it you need to have 2 minutes and only a few ingredients: banana peanut butter (crunchy is the best) dried dates cinnamon What’s next? Cut the banana into two pieces. Spread pieces of banana with peanut butter. Cut dried dates into small pieces. Put dates on banana. Sprinkle cinnamon on top. Last step: […]

Broccoli salad with noodles and a view

We usually start preparing food when we are already very hungry. So then our meal has to be ready in maximum 20 minutes. Moreover we don’t like having too many dishes to wash and too many things to do in a meantime. That’s how we invented this salad. And below info how we prepared it, looking at a stunning view […]

One wok dinner with asparagus

Cooking on the road can be tough. So, simpler = better. That’s why we started to think about how to use less pots and pans (to have less to wash) and consume less propane in our stove. And most importantly, how to use only one stove. So today we present you the first meal of this series. Vegan one wok […]

Why vegan food is the best for vanlifers

It’s not a post about vegan lifestyle. It’s a post about food in vanlife. FOOD is our big LOVE. We love to eat. A lot. And often. Really! Regarding this fact, food is a very important part of our travels. And always was. Stocking, keeping, preparing, cooking, eating, washing dishes. When you want to travel full time you cannot rely […]