How to prepare your car for a longer journey

No matter if you drive your car daily or have just started to prepare special roadtrip vehicle. Driving further without troubles and worries needs some preaparations. Maybe it won’t completely save you from bad adventures but can minimalise chances for those. So how to prepare your car for a longer journey? Preparing mechanical side of your car First of all […]

Our van part 1: basics & exterior

Basics Our van is a VW LT from 1999. It’s red and it has a 2.5 turbodiesel engine, which generates 109 horsepower. If you don’t know what LT is, it’s basically a Sprinter’s brother, sharing a lot of components with it, but not engines which are VW’s. Our van is high, medium-length version, which in our opinion is the best […]

Van conversion – the biggest difficulties

Building a campervan can be real fun but not always. Sometimes you just feel tired. There are days when you want to stop the project and forget about it. At least that was in our case. Hubert is a big fan of DIY, all types. Me (Aga) – not so much. The project was Hubert’s idea but eventually both of […]

Van conversion – before & after

We did it. We bought a van. At the market. Really 🙂 The car had been used to transport vegetables by the greengrocer before. Inside it looked like that: First we had to make him empty: Later on we spend many, many, many hours on converting him. Now our new camper-van is ready to go! More photos already on the […]