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Break from blogging, not travelling

Break from blogging, not travelling

Hello again! We haven’t been here for two months already! We were posting some photos on Facebook and Instagram (that’s why we recommend following us there ;)) but we didn’t share any longer post on the blog. Why? It’s a long story! ­čÖé

Last two months were full of actions and changes. I even don’t remember how my life looked like before! I think it’s time to make some udpates.


First of all – France. After a month there, during which we learnt hundreds things about baguettes and were surprised for much more than 6 times, we felt that it was enough. To be honest something helped us in this decisionÔÇŽ It was sooo hot then that travelling in a campervan without air-condition stopped being funny. And travelling with dogs too. They were dying. And we couldn’t help them to feel better. Of course it was impossible to leave dogs alone in the car and in many places dogs were not allowed (very often due to high season rules). BTW I will write more about travelling with dogs in the future.

In the middle of August we ‘came back’ to Poland. We met many of our friends and spent some time in a garden & summer house so both us and our dogs could have a rest. And we started to plan next weeksÔÇŽ What absolutely wasn’t easy ­čÖé


At the beginning of September we were on the road again. High season ended so Europe was much calmer and it was easier to travel. Temperatures were also more comfortable. We felt excited about going somewhere again. But we were double excited about the fact that this time was not only about travelling but also working. Our first time in a seasonal job was coming. It would be fun, they said. Was it? Hmm… It’s a topic for another story (here)!

However before the beginning of a ‘new job’ we still had two weeks to use. We visited Czechia again. And we spent some time in a German nature. And we were enjoying a new life without dogsÔÇŽ We couldn’t take them with us to work and we felt really exhausted after travelling with them during summer so our parents agreed to take these two little crazy creatures for as long as needed. We are very thankfull!

After finishing work we spent some time in Bayern. Or rather Franconia. We learnt that Franconia is not Bayern and Bayern is not Germany ­čÖé A post about this region will be on the blog soon. What I can say now is that autumn began there in September. So we hit the road again and travelled through Tirol to northern Italy. Region of Garda lake to be more precised. We rented a room in a hotel and finally could relax after adventures we had during whole month.

Two days later we came back to our campervan, sat comfortably with a view of lake and horrible rain and started to plan our live again. You know, it’s a kind of our hobby ­čśë

And we decided: it’s time for the end of vanlife.

And then everything went really fast. Really. Your can read about it in the next story (it’s here) ­čÖé

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