Angels in Bieszczady Mountains

Angels in Bieszczady Mountains

There is a song of Polish band ‘Stare Dobre Małżeństwo’ (literally Old Good Marriage) which sais about angels living in Bieszczady Mountains. You can listen to it on YT if you want to. Here there’s its text excerpt translated into English:

‘Bieszczady angels, angels of Bieszczady,
You’re full of joy and good weather,
Bieszczady angels, angels of Bieszczady,
Once their wings touch you, you’re already their brother.’

Actually art and stories from Bieszczady were always full of devils characters but this song began a tradition of angels. To be honest area of Bieszczady Mountains is so beautiful and amazing that many people say it’s like a paradise or heaven. And so only angels can live there.

Bieszczady are considered one of the wildest and most beautiful places in Poland. Very often there is no internet or even phone signal there. You can cut off from everything and forget about the world. That’s why people sometimes say: ‘Why don’t I leave everything and go to Bieszczady?’. It’s a kind of dream for people living in big cities. Bieszczady became a synonim for calm, peace, nature and happiness. Of course only few people decide to move there. However lots of tourists come to visit little towns or climb to the summits and see picturesque views every year.

Also many vanlifers often visit Bieszczady as this area fits to the idea of their lifestyle perfectly. The region is located on the south of Poland, let’s say – in the corner. A map will explain it better that me:

Bieszczady marked on the map of Poland

We began our long journey just from visiting Bieszczady Mountains. It was a perfect time to have a rest from ‘previous life’, calm down and plan next steps. It worked even better than we expected! After some time we had to come back to Warsaw for private reasons but for sure in a while we’ll be in this mountain paradise again.

Below a short gallery to help your imagination 🙂

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