About us

Hello! Nice to see you here ­čÖé

We are Aga & Hubert.

Positive, open, talkative. Curious about the world. Still thinking and asking. Food and travel lovers.

We are full time travellers.

In our previous life we lived in a flat in Warsaw and worked in offices. We loved travelling and traveled in our free time but it wasn’t enough. We were more and more tired of this lifestyle.

One day we decided to change the situation.

We built a campervan and then moved to it with our two adopted dogs: Fika & Lago. Vanlife was our lifestyle during spring – summer season. It had pros and cons about which we write on the blog.

When the autumn came to Europe, our dogs left in parents’ houses and we felt tired of living in a campervan, we took a normal car and started to travel by it, living in rented rooms or flats.

Nowadays travelling is more complicated (you know, 2020) but we know we don’t want to stay in one place. We are not limiting ourselves to one mode of transport or one country. We need to move and we are open for opportunities life will bring ­čÖé

On the blog we share some of our ideas and experiences. Something about travelling, vanlife or food wich we love. Also reflections or tips. From time to time we like to write a post about things not related to these topics. Just for fun ­čśë

On Facebook and Instagram we post more photos and current info than here, so feel invited to follow us!