5 things that broke down during first week of vanlife

5 things that broke down during first week of vanlife

It couldn’t be so perfect. We began our journey and traveled to Polish mountains Bieszczady. We didn’t know what to expect but definitely not that! Almost everyday one thing got broken. After first few days we had a list of things to repair or change. Some of them weren’t very important but another seemed to be crucial. What got broken at the beginning?

1. Favourite cup

During packing we were considering taking with us our favourite porcelain cups. We decided to take them – why not? Finally we had enough space. Thanks to that we could drink delicious coffee from them every morning. At least the first morning. After breakfast Hubert took his cup (which he’d had for maaany years) to the hand and after a second he kept only cup’s handle. The rest of the cup was lying down on the ground. Thas was the beginning.

2. Water pump

This was the worst! We have a system which uses a water pump to transport water from the tank to the tap. We were just using it when suddenly it stopped working. Just like that! Maybe we could expect that a little because it was the second pump – the first one got broken before we started out. But come on… We thought that it had been an accident and it was impossible to happen again. But it happened. So we were left without water system and had to put a tank on the worktop which is too small to hold anything more. The first big inconvenience.

3. Glass nail file

I use only one kind of nail files which works for me. It’s made from glass. From time to time I drop it so it breaks. And unfortunately that happened in the van. I wasn’t in dispair but had to clean everything fast as our dogs’ little feet could come anytime.

4. Shower drain

Yes, we have a shower in our little home. It’s not perfect but it is. Actually there’s a touristic portable shower and a permanent tray in the “bathroom”. And this tray has a drain. Water should run down through it. And did it. But once stopped. Probably something stuck inside or the system became air-locked. For sure water couldn’t leave the tray until Hubert did some magic and repaired it 🙂
(Note from Hubert: Gray water tank emptying valve was clogged, and it became full of water, so no more could enter.)

5. Gas cooker

We bought our touristic gas cooker a few years ago and it was perfect. We also took it to our camper-van and used everyday. Once during cooking fire appeared in the place where it shouldn’t. Later it reapeted. It was too dangerous to use it again so we had to say goodbye to each other. Luckily we bought another cooker before the trip and took it with us. It really saved us!

During only a week of vanlife we saw how easily things change in the van. It’s like a normal home. All the time something needs your attention. But it’s so nice when you can worry about it making your dreams come true. Everything becomes irrelevant.

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