Luxembourg – the world’s only Grand Duchy

We’ve never thought about Luxembourg as a dream destination to travel. To be honest we’ve never thought about it at all. How wrong it was! Luxembourg, or rather Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, is a beautiful country with a fantastic capital. It has a lot to offer! We were so amazed that we decided to make a video about it. Watch […]

Banana dessert

It’s our favourite dessert ever! To prepare it you need to have 2 minutes and only a few ingredients: banana peanut butter (crunchy is the best) dried dates cinnamon What’s next? Cut the banana into two pieces. Spread pieces of banana with peanut butter. Cut dried dates into small pieces. Put dates on banana. Sprinkle cinnamon on top. Last step: […]

Surprising Czech mountains

Finally borders became open! And we didn’t know what to do because presidental election was planned for a week after. We decided to stay near our country to be sure that we could take part in this event. So what to do when you really want to travel, you feel that you saw every interesting place in your country but […]

Broccoli salad with noodles and a view

We usually start preparing food when we are already very hungry. So then our meal has to be ready in maximum 20 minutes. Moreover we don’t like having too many dishes to wash and too many things to do in a meantime. That’s how we invented this salad. And below info how we prepared it, looking at a stunning view […]