Castles on eagle’s nests trail

There is an area in Poland called Jura Krakowsko – Częstochowska. It lays between Krakow and Czestochowa. Because of many rocks and hills it had strategic meaning for Polish dukes who built there a lot of castles. About hundred years ago touristic trail from one castle to another was created and called Trail of the Eagle’s Nests. We visited almost […]

Short story about 3 beginnings of vanlife

We’d been waiting for this day for almost a year. There were many things to do before changing our lifes. We were trying to do them as quickly as possible but all the time something was slowing us down. You know, it’s not so easy to change everything just like that! One day we were almost sure we were ready. […]

Our favourite castle in Mazovia

We’ve never traveled in Mazovia. We’ve always prefered longer trips. But the castle in Czersk is the place we saw several times and never got bored. Maybe it’s because I really love this kind of castles 🙂 In the Middle Ages Czersk (near Warsaw) was a seat of Mazovian Dukes and the capital of Eastern Mazovia. Later it became a […]

Royal water in Mazovia

When we couldn’t travel far away and had to spend time near Warsaw, we realized that we didn’t know that area at all! So we got in our home-car and just drove. First stop was in Czersk where there is a beautiful castle from the 15th century (I love old castles!) –> post about it 🙂 The next stop was […]

Angels in Bieszczady Mountains

There is a song of Polish band ‘Stare Dobre Małżeństwo’ (literally Old Good Marriage) which sais about angels living in Bieszczady Mountains. You can listen to it on YT if you want to. Here there’s its text excerpt translated into English: ‘Bieszczady angels, angels of Bieszczady, You’re full of joy and good weather, Bieszczady angels, angels of Bieszczady, Once their […]

5 things that broke down during first week of vanlife

It couldn’t be so perfect. We began our journey and traveled to Polish mountains Bieszczady. We didn’t know what to expect but definitely not that! Almost everyday one thing got broken. After first few days we had a list of things to repair or change. Some of them weren’t very important but another seemed to be crucial. What got broken […]

Helping – how exciting can it be?

Sometimes you find a pleasure in little things. Sometimes you don’t even expect a pleasure you can find. That happened this time. We’re chilling somewhere in Bieszczady Mountains (Poland). Evening coffee, gentle wind, sound of river. An elder man comes to our van with an issue. He needs help. He wanted to turn from the road by a little bridge […]